Main Target Is Arsenal Premier League Champion

After successfully grabbed the trophy Community Shield which is also the first title this season, Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud insists the Premier League is the main target of the current team. The achievement has been the motivation for the French national team knocked interpreter in the 2014-2015 season staring.

Early last season the Gunners appear quite convincing to top the Premier League standings board, but the problem of the consistency constraint that often haunt Gunner. Until finally they were only able to finish in fourth position.

But now Arsene Wenger’s squad said to livescore 123 has been predicted to increase their competitiveness, to bring in some quality players. Call it Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, David Ospina and Calum Chambers.

“(Champion) Premier League is our main target. Last year we did well until March. We have a poor outcome after that, but we really want to go back and become stronger than last season, “said Giroud, as reported Sportsmole on Tuesday (12.08.14).

Arsenal themselves will undergo their opening game in the Premier League with against Crystal Palace at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday (16/08/2014) future.

Most Wanted Porsche Models


STUTTGART Porsche manufacturer reported sales during the six months of early 2014 has been increased over the same periodthe previous year. Increase to eight percent.

Based on the facts received, January-June 2014 Porsche worldwide sales reached 87 800 units.New Porsche Panamera GranTurismo to be one of the most in demand models with sales of 13,500 units.

We can see the success in the initial six months of 2014, despite the sometimes volatile economic conditions and highdifferences in trends from the the automotive market,” said Berhad Maier,Member of the Executive Board Sales and Marketingof Porsche AG.

For information, in this initial six months of sales in the European market reached 30,000 units ofwhich 12,300 units derivedfrom the the Porsche home country Germany. The second biggest salesare in the region of the United States with the acquisition of 23 thousand units.

While the top three are in China with sales of 19,800 units. Porsche Cayenne still be the most in demand globally. Carrying this model up to 37,200 units sold. Besides the other is the largest contributor to the acquisition of the 911 Series 15,615 units.

Park Shin Hye Happy Shared Moment With Fans


Seoul Park Shin Hye is one of the famous star in SouthKorea. Artists who play in the famous drama The Heirs admitted if his achievements so far managed to obtain the support of fans.

Naturally, if Park Shin Hye was very happy when hanging out with fans. He also appreciated the timehe spend in a main fan meeting.

One of them, Park Shin Hye hold fan signing which took place yesterday. There, Park Shin Hye couldcome face to face with fans,shaking hands and signing autographs.

Agency caring for Park Shin Hye SALT Entertainment upload the festive activities. Fans wasimmediately enthusiastic to visitand see his idol Park Shin Hye beautiful smile.

Park Shin Hye is the Princess of Fan Service at Median’ FanSigning Event

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is not only famous in South Korea, but also loved the bamboo curtaincountry. Park Shin Hye flooded with acting offers from the Chinese filmmakers. One of them, ParkShin Hye was asked to star in a new drama titled Take You ToThe Star.

Unicorn & Oceans Of Flower Colorize Paris Hilton MV


Unicorn & MV Ocean Flower Paint Paris Hilton Unicorn & MV Ocean Flower Paint Paris Hilton (Photo:Youtube) LOS ANGELES Paris Hilton returned to exist in the music track. By carrying out the musicvideo (MV) is a new single titled Come Alive“, Paris re-decorate the virtual world via YouTube.

In the video, Paris Hilton appears alone with a diverse atmosphere, ranging from the garden flowers,and bridge the video space,up to Unicorn featured in the video.

Not the Paris Hilton name if it does not look sexy, with a variety of costumes she wore, Paris showsher sexiness back to the audience.

As for the song Come Alivetells the story of love, and how love makes all the people continue to live. Amazingly, the video lasts approximately four minutes was a creation of Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton is a daughter of the billionaire owner of the Hilton hotel. He became active in the entertainment world since part inthe reality show The Simple Life, before active in the world of singing.

Wet Tracks, Marquez Got the Accident During Test Drive


Rreepsol Honda Team held a private test with two riders,Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez at the Brno circuit. Butmisfortune befell Marquez, have not had time to test himself even had an accident due to the wet track.

The trials were conducted Honda, Tuesday (15/07/2014) morning local time, the two took to the track and much helped by sunny weather. But the changeable weather during the day with heavy rain at some point down the track.

In a situation that Marquez had an accident, he slipped mentioned it in the dry track in the fifth bend.The Spaniard admitted thetests went pretty well.

“Today went pretty well, in the morning it was raining and we managed to do a test on a few thingson a wet track and I had a little accident,” Marquez said as reported by Crash, Wednesday (07/16/2014).

At noon the track is dry, although the level of grip is poor. The most important thing at the end ofthe session the temperatureincreases so we can make changes to the bike. Hopefully tomorrowbetter condition, he added.

One of Honda’s agenda at Brno test is to test a new mount for the 2015 season. Planned a newmotorcycle called the RC213V for 2015, will be lowered on Wednesday (16/07/2014) local time.